Travelled 28, Sep 2013


Srilanka - travelling solo to the land
where my dreams began !

1. Escaping from the Heat & Fear ~ Looking forward for thrill & adventure

Come Srilanka, my first solo trip where my dreams meet reality . Exploring the unseen world with an experienced guide. Felt amazing, to come out of a shell and to wander solo in an unknown world.

For starters, I'd been contemplating so much that, finally i had decided to go ahead with this trip . Thinking of safety preacautions to be taken to travel solo I wasn’t afraid of storms, for I was learning how to sail my ship! But I've had never ever traveled alone not even for a school picnic and was not allowed for any school trips. I'd purchased online Sri Lankan visa which cost around 60qatari riyals prior to my bookings. Then from Qatar, I landed in my hometown Chennai for my housewarming ceremony.

As you travel solo being totally responsible for yourself, it's inevitable that you will discover just how capable you are!

I hadn’t even reserved my return ticket from Chennai to Qatar as my thoughts were fully filled with my travel dreams, as I was contemplating to execute the same. Finally, after completing all my commitments in Chennai, I believed I should certainly take on this risk to explore different worlds.

And I decided to reserve the tickets by 28th September 2013 Colombo to Srilanka for 12 days and then proceeding to Maldives for 4 days and back to Colombo, then flying back to Qatar for work. When I reached Colombo airport first thing first, I bought a srilankan sim card to be in contact with my family for passing on updates. Since being the first time, I took the number from the person at the counter, in order to call him for an emergency. But he assured

“srilanka is very safe place and not to worry for anything”.

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