Travelled 28, Sep 2013


Srilanka - travelling solo to the land
where my dreams began !

2. Srilankan Adventure ~ The Beginning!!

As I came out from the airport and met my chauffeur, at first I was a bit startled and anxious by seeing him as he looked very tough and tall. He is Singhalese guy knew only English and he carried my luggages to his car.

I was enormously excited & electrified for my first adventure trip!

I reached Colombo by dusk. When I was just above to halt at a Hotel Bungalow for the night , I saw many religious statues of Christianity and Buddha on the way. My guide offered to drive me to a church St. Anthony's Shrine, Kochchikade a famous Roman Catholic church in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Colombo in Sri Lanka and is dedicated to St. Anthony of Padua. I was gratified that I could start my journey with the blessings of the Almighty. He drove me to one of the prominent St.Antony’s Church in Colombo. I packed dinner on the way and we had reached the very dark streets of Colombo, at around 8:30pm.

I entered into an isolated Bungalow, where there was only one old person who was the care taker of the bungalow. I was very much concerned and called my travel agent to shift me to another hotel which was closer to the city. But he assured that this place was very safe and secure. I arranged all my luggages near to the door, furthermore, I couldn’t sleep the entire night and was in contact with a few of my friends over the phone , since I was very much nervous and apprehensive.

By 6 am sharp, I was all decked up and when I opened the door and the care taker uncle asked if he could prepare my breakfast which would be ready by 8am. So I informed him and went out to explore the area for some time till breakfast was ready.

Surprisingly, I witnessed that this wonderful place, :D the bungalow was situated next to the Mt.Lavinia Beach. It was such a striking sight to watch the train track next to the shore and The Hotel Mount Lavinia a few kms away. I headed towards the beach and relished the magnificence of the Indian Ocean all alone. After enjoying the breathtaking beach, I went back to the accommodation where some lip-smacking breakfast was served! The driver had arrived to take me around. By knowing that i went out to beach and roamed all alone, He requested me to stay with him all the time and would take me around everywhere. He also guided me not to go around unaccompanied and took really good care which made me feel more assured and relaxed.

Finally I released that Traveling solo doesn’t always mean we are on your own. Frequently, we meet awe-inspiring folks along the way and making acquaintances that last a lifetime!
and my Srilankan adventure starts from here...

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