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Srilanka - travelling solo to the land
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4. Gangaramaya temple visit

As in many other temples in Sri Lanka, Women should ensure they are appropriately dressed with legs and shoulders covered. Shawls are provided to cover exposed shoulders/legs if needed. Photography is forbidden inside the temple itself. Moreover, they offered me the shawl to cover my leg as I was wearing a short frock. :P

This Temple in the beautiful city of Colombo in the Indian Ocean is a mix of modern cultural architecture which demonstrates an eclectic mix of Sri Lankan, Chinese, Thai, Burmese and other artistic styles.

And this is the most popular buddhist temple in Colombo ~ srilanka. This place not only serves for worship and it is also a center for learning. Boldly embroidered in elaborate designs and golden beautification, the exterior of the temple exhibits various statues including Buddha, lions, nymphs, and china vases placed randomly.

The fascinating treasure-trove museum is the temple’s most distinguishing feature and protecting an innumerable number of Buddha statues from all over the globe. As well as statues of Hindu Gods, old watches, Dutch coins and many other antique collectibles in the museum. Not only a number of vintage cars but an enormous amount of materials of dubious religious relevance including gold, sapphire, sandalwood, elephant ivory, porcelain, Chinese statues, a cannon, stamps, watches, cameras, photographs, coins, two taxidermied elephants, stereos, shells, swords and other assorted knick-knacks.

There is also a lot of specifically religious material, including a massive sacred tree in the centre of the complex.

Around 4-5pm, Visited few shopping malls to buy a hat and few souvenir the prices were quiet cheaper compared to india. By night, i got dropped back to the same accommodation for a second night halt.

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