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Srilanka - travelling solo to the land
where my dreams began !

6. Romantic Retreat to Bentota Beach

The most picturesque paths can’t be publicized without getting lost witnessing natures best artwork !

As the day progressed with a long road trip, I took to the open road, the world before me, interesting new places, a long journey leading to freedom! And I discovered that, every so often the most picturesque roads in existence are the deviations we didn’t want to take.

I finally ended up reaching Bentota accommodation.

I was too tired and almost dozed off in the car during this irrefutably liberating drive. Once I got off the car, surprisingly I was given a warm welcome by the landlord of the accommodation with Hawaii flora garland and the organic tender coconut as welcome drink. This Srilankan guy(landlord) was so smart and energetic in welcoming the guest for his accommodation.

He showed me my room which was decorated with Hawaii flora and the dreamy bed with tulle curtains around which was my fantasy come true.

My agenda planned was for a two night stay in Bentota beach for relaxing and enjoying the beach, for which I would be reaching by a boat next to the hotel that linked to an island to the beach.

The view from my room was so quixotic and soothing, watching the resort on the opposite side of the river and to the right side with the beach connecting the river. I realized what this wonderful world could offer that is full of beauty, charm and adventure.

By evening, my chauffeur took me to the beach for watching the mesmerizing sunset.

Clicking a lot of lovely pictures and watching the spellbinding sunset revealed no end to the adventures we could have if only we pursue them with our eyes open. The Next day as I was relaxing in my room and the owner of the hotel called and inspired me to take up a scenic walk or a visit to water sport activities nearby.

Initially I was bit nervous and denied being a non-swimmer. But he still encouraged me to join him along with one more Russian lassie traveller to visit few Buddhist temples and to water sport activities.

After reaching the spot, me and the Srilankan guy went together for my first jetski experience. He was so elated to take me with him and literally showed off his heroic drive of jetski! I was feeling quiet nervous sitting behind him as it was almost 30 minutes duration. After this we went for banana boat ride together.

After this we came back to the accommodation and I went to my room. Once I reached my room my chauffeur came worried and asked me about my whereabouts. He once again requested me not to go out anywhere without him or his knowledge.

The Delicious Lunch was served by the hotel with srilankan cuisine Parippu(dal curry) with rice and Pol Sambol (coconut relish).

By evening, my chauffeur took me to the beach for admiring the beauty of the sea once again.

Finally I realized I’d made a wise resolution to travel to discover myself and dint want to stop when tired, just wanted to Stop when I was done!...

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